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LATEST NEWS – July 7, 2021

First Step of Precision Livestock Management:



Consumers have significantly changed how they view and purchase food prompting a rise in the demand for ‘program’ cattle and consumer branded beef. Participating in these expanding consumer-driven traceability channels requires a unique ID for each animal as they move through the beef production supply chain.

Electronic ID ear tags that follow ISO and USDA standards establish a unique 15-digit identifier for each animal. Our Value Tracker solution works well with low frequency (LF) or ultra-high frequency (UHF) ear tags for identifying individual cattle at close range. Only UHF electronic ear tags can be used to identify and/or monitor individual cattle or groups from an extended range of up to 25+ feet.

Loosing tags is not common but it happens. Having the redundancy of a visual tag paired up with that electronic ID is precision identification. Fort Supply Technologies advocates pairing these two identification types in our software. Use the visual ID color and numbering scheme that best suits your needs for herd management, pen management, etc.

Fort Supply Technologies offers many electronic ID ear tag options.
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