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LATEST NEWS – March 18, 2021

Dual Tracker from Fort Supply Technologies allows stockyards, feed yards and packers to read both low frequency (LF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) tagged cattle in one workflow. Yes, that’s right, LF and UHF technology working side-by-side in the same workspace. Dual Tracker then combines the LF and UHF reads into one EID output that streams directly into the customer’s internal system.

Producers are now free to select the EID technology that works best for them and their operation without being forced into an industry standard. Stockyards, feed yards and packers can remain LF/UHF agnostic and continue sourcing cattle from the entire market. Dual Tracker is a simple solution to a complicated and expensive problem.

  • No need to manually sort or separate by EID type
  • Eliminates human-error
  • Improves worker safety while
  • increasing productivity
  • Integrates with internal systems
  • Secure cloud-based sharing available

This patent-pending technology requires less than a day to install with an existing LF reader. New instillations can be easily coordinated with the LF equipment provider of your choice. Each animal’s unique EID tag number is read and streamed into the customer’s designated data system(s). Permission based date sharing with supply chain partners and blockchain ledgers can also be set up through the Fort Supply Technologies cloud.

Dual Tracker addresses the LF/UHF challenge where it is occurring in the beef supply chain; at the points of consolidation, and this cost-effective solution is available now

Dual Tracker – A Game Changer for the Beef Industry


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