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Te Pari’s simple to use weighing systems provide the information you need to manage your stock performance. Accurate, regular weighing enables farmers to manage growth rates, check slaughter weights and finish stock to contract putting you back in control of your business and unlocking hidden profitability.

Te Pari Scale Specification


  • Stores up to 15,000 records in 1 file (iS-3)
  • Stores up to 30,000 total records in 99 files (iS-5)


  • Large 30mm segment LCD with backlighting (iS-1, iS-3)
  • Large 320 x 240 dot matrix LCD display with backlighting that is easy to read from a distance an in low light situations (iS-5)
  • Weight gain display by day or total (iS-3, iS-5)
  • 3 Screens – weighing, setup and statistics (iS-3)
  • 4 screens – weighing, setup, statistics and files (iS-5)
  • Stats display for file total, max, min and average weight, total weight gain, max, min and average weight gain and drafting details (iS-5)


  • A rechargeable NimH battery pack allows for at least 7 hours weighing with an EID reader and the backlight on.(iS-1, iS-3)

Wireless Connections:

  • Built in Bluetooth for easy connection to PDAs (iS-1, is-3)
  • Up to 9 way drafting with the ability to drive auto drafters (iS-5)
  • internal Bluetooth for connection to EID readers (iS-5)


    Auto weighing option (iS-3)

  • Statistics reporting – min, max, total weights. (iS-3)
  • Includes MacroStock Lite livestock management software for easy downloading of records from scale and uploading to NAIT (iS-3)
  • A powerful indicator for recording EID, VID, Tag, 3 x 8 charactercode fields and 2 health fields (iS-5)
  • The code fields can be set to record repeated data (iS-5)
  • Health fields can display a fixed dose or can calculate the dose by weight. The dose size is displayed on the weigh screen, so every animal receives the precise dose with no waste(iS-5)
  • Drafting by weight, weight gain, code, EID and life data (iS-5)
  • Individual data collection of: EID, VID, Tag, weight, previous weight, weight gain, drafting, date/time, and by drop down option menu codes 1 to 3 and health 1 and 2 (iS-5)
  • weight gain, date/time and drafting (iS-5)
  • VID numerals can be set to auto increment and auto enter to provide fast data entry for new animals. weight gain, date/time and drafting (iS-5)
  • The indicator can record EID, VID and other non weight data with no loadbars connected. (iS-5)
  • The iS-7 boasts all the features of the iS-5
  • the iS-7 has a built in EID reader control unit. connects directly to panel or stick antenna (external power supply required)


  • Standard
  • Made from tough rust-protected steel and designed for use under platforms, crates, crushes and wool-presses.
  • Comes with heavy duty cables as standard, sealed into the bars to eliminate moisture points
    Shock absorbing rubber mounts protect the load cells and maintain weighing accuracy in even the toughest environments.
  • Weigh up to 2000kg
  • available in 600mm
    With heavy duty 6m cables as standard
    tough and fully weatherproof
  • Heavy Duty
  • All of the Standard loadbar set
    rubber mounts to protect the load cells
    for use with even the largest, most energetic livestock
    weigh up to 3000kg

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Applications of the Te Pari Scale

Ranching: With a portable electronic management system, you can now take the power of electronic management in the field to effectively manage and document events. Monitor breeding groups in large pastures from horseback, ATV or pickup with the same system that you Age & Source your calves with; record pregnancy test information and vaccination records and monitor saddle horse body temperature and identification.

Feedlot: Take advantage of electronic identification for management of incoming and outgoing livestock. Scan animals off the truck or place an electronic ear tag in each animal at processing and witness how easy it can be to manage all sizes of grouped animals.

Veterinarian inpetions: Disease testing is becoming more prevalent and the USDA has provided specific disease software programs for testing livestock. However, these programs have restricted use which limits the potential for electronic management outside of disease testing.


Dairy Ranch: Managing animals from multiple birth locations, keeping records on vaccinations or treatments applied at your facility, keeping track of movements in and out of your location, tracking paper slips around the office can all be a daunting task! Put your fears of electronic management to rest and start managing these calves on a reliable and accurate electronic management system.

Equipment Monitoring: By using an electronic marker, be it a passive EID tag, or a bar code number, you can easily track all information regarding any piece of equipment; from when it last went through maintenance to who checked on it last or any current work orders for that piece of machinery.

Auction Check-in: Having a mobile device to check in the auction animals provides real time identification and documentation as fast as the animals arrive. Additionally the brand inspection can be accuratly compleated with ease. these check can then be wirelessly transmited through out the auction yard to the office, while the inpections can be submitted to the state.

Te Pari Scale

Te Pari T10

This powerful entry level indicator was designed for farmers requiring a simple weighing system to deliver basic weighing and animal recording. Fitted with internal Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, this scale communicates easily with external devices such as EID readers and the new Te Pari Electronic Drench Gun.



  • Compatible with Te Pari Drench Gun using Wi-Fi connection
  • Auto animal health dose calculation
  • Favourites to store your setups
  • Auto adjusting screen back light
  • Memory – 30,000 records in 99 files
  • Weight gain, min, max and summary
  • Bluetooth connectivity for EID wand readers
  • Tag recording options
  • Automatic visual tagging option
  • Premises ID field
  • Standard statistics reporting
  • Phone app for download and forwarding of records
  • PC software for record editing and evaluation
  • A rechargeable NiMH battery pack provides at least 7 hours operation on a charge
  • Metric and Imperial measures and multi language
Te Pari Scale

Te Pari T20

This technically advanced indicator provides and stores a wide range of detailed data as the base for a modern livestock management system. The Te Pari T20 gives you all the flexibility and features you need including an innovative animal health dosage output which helps you to save drench costs.

The new Te Pari ‘Connect’ phone App connects to the Te Pari T10 & T20 weigh scales using WiFi. Your iPhone, Android phone or Windows Phone connects very simply to the scale and effortlessly downloads your weighing data allowing you to easily email the records back to your office immediately.


  • All the features of the T10 PLUS
  • Phone application provides advanced statistics
  • Phone app includes live weight screen – your smart phone displays animal weights in real time
  • Drafting manual and automatic up to 9 ways
  • Fully compatible with Te Pari auto drafters
  • Hold mode for drafting
  • 3x code fields for additional drafting criteria
  • Advanced statistics reporting including full draft data “what if” sorting and more

 Looking for the smartphone app for your Te Pari Scales?
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Te Pari Scale

Te Pari Scale standard Loadbars

Te Pari Scale standard loadbars are made from tough rust protected steel and designed for use under platforms, crates, crushes and wool-presses, heavy duty cables sealed into the bars to eliminate moisture points are standard features. While shock absorbing rubber mounts protect the load cells and maintain weighing accuracy in even the toughest environments.Te Pari Standard Loadbars are made from hot dip galvanised steel and designed for use under platforms, crates and wool-presses. They come with heavy duty cables as standard, sealed into the bars to eliminate moisture points.


  • Weigh up to 2000kg
  • With heavy duty 6m cables as standard
  • Tough and fully weatherproof
  • Stainless steel loadcells
Te Pari Scale

Te Pari Scale heavy duty loadbars

All the features of the of the Standard Loadbar set and more. Te Pari Heavy Duty Loadbars are designed for use with even the largest and most energetic livestock. The Heavy Duty Loadbars feature unique stainless steel “ball and socket” system to protect the load cells from the harsh vibrations caused by restless large stock.


  • Super tough, for use with even the largest, most energetic livestock
  • Weigh up to 4000kg
  • Stainless steel load cells
Te Pari Scale


To suit 2W and Silencer Chutes

Te Pari Easy Fit Load cell System has been especially designed to provide a low profile, compact and quick fitting solution for 2W and Silencer (Rancher and HD models) Hydraulic Chutes. Built for the rugged animal weighing environment this 8,800lb capacity weighing system is constructed of Hot Dip Galvanized steel for durability and fitted with stainless steel load cells providing you a reliable, rugged, and long lasting solution. The load cells are simply fitted to the chute by sliding onto the front chassis cross member with an additional cross member tying the cells together. The cables are protected with a stainless steel wire spring and are joined by a 5 way junction box to the scale indicator feed cable.


  • 8,800lb capacity
  • Compact design prevent trip hazards
  • Low profile design mounts chute just 2.5” off the ground
  • Easy to fit and install

Easy fit Contents

  • 4x slide on load cells
  • 2x cross members supplied with bolts and Nylock nuts.
  • …5 way junction box Load cells to scale indicator feed
  • …Stainless steel coil protected pre wired cables attached

Code and Description:

  • TSLB Te Pari Easy Fit Loadcell System to Suit Silencer Chutes (Rancher & HD Models)
  • T2WLC Te Pari Easy Fit Loadcell System to Suit 2W Hydraulic Chutes