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Asset Tracker offers cost-effective, remote monitoring of fixed groups and/or individual asset movements
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Allows true speed-of-commerce monitoring of individual animal assets and total inventory. No special handling means no added stress or elevated risk of weight loss, injury or bruising; maintaining animal value and animal well-being.


Requires no technology expertise, training or additional employee workload. this hands-free asset monitoring system collects EID data regardless of weather, workforce or other operational limitations; improving worker safety and overall productivity.


Data can often be immediately received by internal systems preprogrammed for EIDs (aka RFIDs). EID reads are also relayed to the FST cloud to allow 24/7 online access to inventory reports and daily automated alerts can be setup to inform you when assets are missing.


This patent-pending technology is simplified into a solution requiring less than a day to install. Worktime previously dedicated to visual reading or hand-scanning IDs can be reassigned to other tasks, greatly reducing human-error and improving operational efficiency.

ASSET TRACKER: Asset monitoring and Alert Solutions


Electronic Identification – Asset Tracker requires the exclusive use of UHF tags due to their extended read range of 20+ feet. Fort Supply Technologies recommends using one of the following UHF tags.

UHF Strip Tag – ideal for commercial use in all beef operations due to durability, lifetime retention and low cost.

UHF Panel Tag – The same reliable tag as the strip tag but with added panel space for a larger visual EID

UHF Feedlot Tag – Feedlot or one-piece tags are intended for short-term use at a low cost.

Autonomous Data Collection – UHF antennas and the Asset Tracker data box are installed above the water source in a pen or pasture. Data is collected and transmitted to the Fort Supply Cloud.

Connectivity options include – Wi-Fi, ethernet, serial or cell signal.

Power options include – AC, solar, or batteries.

Mobile Data Collection Options – A handheld UHF reader and ruggedized mobile device can be included in any Asset Tracker package for scanning animals remotely. Visit the Value Tracker page for a complete list of handheld equipment options.

Secure Data Management & Reporting – Basic movement data can typically be streamed directly into auction and feedlot software preprogrammed for EID/RFID. Asset Tracker’s monitoring feature is managed in the Fort Supply cloud. Users can access their inventory reports online 24/7 in our FaST Herd software. Automated email alerts are sent to designate contacts every morning summarizing the individual animals that have were not detected the previous day.”

Discover a New Level of Productivity

Asset Tracker uses the same ultra-high frequency (UHF) technology as world-class marathons to autonomously track individual animal locations and movements to maintain accurate inventories across your entire operation. 

“Fort Supply’s Asset Tracker has reduced our dependency on labor, while improving our recordkeeping and awareness of which animal assets are where.”

Jim Akers

COO, Blue Grass Stockyards.

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