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Health Tracker offers cost-effective, remote health monitoring of each individual animal
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Individual activity patterns are monitored as the cattle move through their daily routines. No special handling procedures means no additional stress.


Requires no technology expertise, employee training or added workload. The system consistently performs regardless of weather, employee turnover or other operational limitations.


Data is continually streamed and analyzed to flag individual cattle that are likely sick or injured, and an alert is automatically sent for designated personal to take action.


This complex, patent-pending technology is simplified into a solution requiring less than a day to install. The immediate benefits of early sickness detection include shortening recovery times, lowering treatment costs, reducing atifiotic use, decreasing death loss, enhancing animal well-being, replacing dependency on visual diagnosis.

HEALTH TRACKER: Health Monitoring and Alert Solution


Electronic Identification

Health Tracker requires the exclusive use of UHF tags due to their extended read range of 20+ feet. Fort Supply Technologies recommends using one of the following UHF tags. 

UHF Strip Tag – ideal for commercial use in all beef operations due to durability, lifetime retention and low cost.

UHF Panel Tag – The same reliable tag as the strip tag but with added panel space for a larger visual EID

UHF Feedlot Tag – Feedlot or one-piece tags are intended for short-term use at a low cost.

Autonomous Data Collection – UHF antennas and the Health Tracker data box are installed above the water source in a pen or pasture. Data is collected and transmitted to the Fort Supply Cloud.
Connectivity options: Wi-Fi, ethernet, serial or cell signal. 
Power options: AC, solar, or batteries.

Secure Data Management & Reporting – Health Tracker data is managed and analyzed in the Fort Supply cloud. Users can access the sickness detection reports online in our FaST Herd software. Automated email alerts are sent to designate contacts every morning identifying the individual animals that should be closely examined.

Discover a New Level of Productivity

Health Tracker is an autonomous health monitoring system utilizing UHF Technology to track individual cattle patterns to and from their water source, applies a proprietary algorithm for early sickness detection, and alerts your team to take action. 

Health Tracker is a timely solution to help feedlots minimize their use of antibiotics. Sick animals still need to be treated, and early detection before the condition is visually apparent allows us to consider alternative therapy options.
Rob Gill

General Manager, Pendleton Beef

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