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Will Value Tracker work on my apple phone or mac?

  • Fort Supply does not support apple smart devices at this time.


Do I have to use UHF tags to use Value Tracker?

  • Value Tracker supports low frequency and ultra high frequency tags


I already have some tag scanning or weighing equipment. Do you support them?

  • We support a wide variety of tag readers and scales as well as providing our unique UHF tag reading systems. if your device isn’t on the list please contact us and we may be able to support it.
      • UHF TSL Readers – 1128, 1153 & 1166
      • UHF CSL Readers – 108
      • LF Readers – Most Allflex & Tru-Test wands
      • Scales – Tru-Test ID5000, S3, EW7 and the TePari Iscale
      • Trohestar handheld barcode scanner





If you have more questions please Contact Us for more details