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Fort Supply Technologies’ large Ultra High Frequency (UHF) tags are the best performing tags on the market for electronic scanning and visual reading. These UHF EID tags are passive Gen2 tags that are specifically designed for tracking livestock, especially cattle. They enable producers to track and monitor individual cow’s feeding location, vaccination and health history, and other valuable information specific to each cow.

  • VALUE TRACKER App is a precision mobile app designed to improve and streamline mass data collection
  • Reduces chute time and increases data accuracy
  • On your phone or tablet for use anywhere, anytime
  • Functions online or offline
  • Easily connects to devices
  • Data can be uploaded to the FST Cloud or shared as an Excel file
  • FAST HERD is a web-based application designed to organize and provide 24/7 access to your data
  • Accessed thru the browser on your computer or phone
  • Continues functioning offline for remote use
  • Individual animal data can be edited or added anywhere, anytime
  • VALUE TRACKER App is more efficient for mass data collection


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